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¡¡¡¡"No," said Natasha, though she had in reality been thinking about Prince Andrew at the same time as of the rest, and of how he would have liked "Uncle." "And then I was saying to myself all the way, 'How well Anisya carried herself, how well!'" And Nicholas heard her spontaneous, happy, ringing laughter. "And do you know," she suddenly said, "I know that I shall never again be as happy and tranquil as I am now.",,¡¡¡¡Natasha had already opened her mouth to speak but suddenly stopped. Pierre hurriedly turned away from her and again addressed Princess Mary, asking about his friend's last days.,.¡¡¡¡"What? What did he say?" was heard in the ranks of the Polish Uhlans when one of the aides-de-camp rode up to them.,¡¡¡¡Peasants having no clear idea of the cause of rain, say, according to whether they want rain or fine weather: "The wind has blown the clouds away," or, "The wind has brought up the clouds." And in the same way the universal historians sometimes, when it pleases them and fits in with their theory, say that power is the result of events, and sometimes, when they want to prove something else, say that power produces events.,¡¡¡¡ For such Frenchmen nothing less than such Englishmen was needed. It was no longer a hand-to-hand conflict; it was a shadow, a fury, a dizzy transport of souls and courage, a hurricane of lightning swords. In an instant the fourteen hundred dragoon guards numbered only eight hundred.;


.¡¡¡¡Dear Count Alexis Andreevich- (He was writing to Arakcheev but knew that his letter would be read by the Emperor, and therefore weighed every word in it to the best of his ability.),¡¡¡¡"Jean Valjean!,¡¡¡¡"Are we really quite lost, your excellency?" he asked again.,¡¡¡¡It will not be opened when the hearing is resumed? Is not the hearing suspended?",¡¡¡¡"I, I... I'll go with you!" cried Petya....

¡¡¡¡The President had the accused stand up, and addressed to him the customary question, "Have you anything to add to your defence?"...,BOOK NINE: 1812,¡¡¡¡*"A little bit in love with the young man." ,...;¡¡¡¡He was evidently a prisoner. Combeferre said to Enjolras:--,BOOK EIGHT: 1811 - 12;

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¡¡¡¡"To-morrow! to-morrow!" said Fantine, "I shall see Cosette to-morrow! you see, good sister of the good God, that I am no longer ill; I am mad; I could dance if any one wished it.", !I remember my first night. Seems a long time ago now.,VOICE (O.S.);¡¡¡¡Not to mention these new marvels, the ancient vessel of Christopher Columbus and of De Ruyter is one of the masterpieces of man. It is as inexhaustible in force as is the Infinite in gales; it stores up the wind in its sails, it is precise in the immense vagueness of the billows, it floats, and it reigns..¡¡¡¡They were silent for a few seconds. Then suddenly turning to one another at the same time they both began to speak. Pierre began with self-satisfaction and enthusiasm, Natasha with a quiet, happy smile. Having interrupted one another they both stopped to let the other continue.,....

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!Sirius ...¡¡¡¡What does all this mean? Why did it happen? What made those people burn houses and slay their fellow men? What were the causes of these events? What force made men act so? These are the instinctive, plain, and most legitimate questions humanity asks itself when it encounters the monuments and tradition of that period.,¡¡¡¡The enormous squadrons were set in motion....¡¡¡¡In Natasha Prince Andrew was conscious of a strange world completely alien to him and brimful of joys unknown to him, a different world, that in the Otradnoe avenue and at the window that moonlight night had already begun to disconcert him. Now this world disconcerted him no longer and was no longer alien to him, but he himself having entered it found in it a new enjoyment.,¡¡¡¡Bagration drove up in a carriage to to the house occupied by Barclay. Barclay donned his sash and came out to meet and report to his senior officer Bagration.,¡¡¡¡She saw the wayfarer, and perceived what he was looking at.,¡¡¡¡Was Jean Valjean unconsciously submitting to the pressure? We who believe in death, are not among the number who will reject this mysterious explanation.;

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¡¡¡¡On the day of battle, this hollow road whose existence was in no way indicated, bordering the crest of Mont-Saint-Jean, a trench at the summit of the escarpment, a rut concealed in the soil, was invisible; that is to say, terrible.,We see also the reign or tyranny of custom, what it is. The Indians (I mean ,He gestures to Andy sitting quietly with his ATTORNEY.,BOOK SIX: 1808 - 10.,¡¡¡¡A little further on, on catching sight of a group of comfortable-looking persons, who seemed to be landed proprietors, he shrugged his shoulders and spit out at random before him this mouthful of philosophical bile as they passed:,¡¡¡¡ I have the honor to salute you with respect, ...LastIndexNext;

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